waterloo by dave fisher

Yes issue eleven of VERSUS is now out! This issue: a photorealist interpretation of his own photographic work; a new kind of essay by Dave Fisher (See a small sample of what's in the actual issue above, which in itself is only a sample of the actual work he did, which hopefully is all going to be part of a show at the Jane Bond, but there's no confirmation of that.). Plus, part two of the EXCLUSIVE Lennox Lewis interview! Napoleonic cover by Dave Sim! A sinister piece of work by David Haslam! Part two of the Neil Young Archives review by Scott Hunter! Also, other things and stuff! Look for it at select locations, you know, downtown Waterloo like Generation X, The Starlight, Jane Bond, Ethel's, Wordsworth, Fratello Pizza, Failte, the Princess Cinema. You know, the regular places people go I guess.


Beast said...

Where is Phil's?

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