Versus: Issue 10 signed and numbered by Dave Sim

Issue 10 of Versus, only 10 copies available, signed and numbered 1 through 10 by cover artist Dave Sim. Issue 10 of Versus is 24 pgs., colour and b&w, printed on newsprint, $10 US including S&H. Previous and future issues to follow. Please email if you have any questions. Versus is the premiere publication of the upwardly mobile in the coveted 16-45 demographic in the city of Waterloo. Contact us now for competitive advertising rates in this exciting and growing market. Issue includes part one of an interview with former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World Lennox Lewis, a review of the Swamp Thing movie, a sort-of review of the Neil Young box, some other stuff, and a picture by Lefcourt that was printed too dark, but what can you do it was a first time job by a new printer and everything else printed okay and besides, they're sending someone down to calibrate the computer so that should ensure some solid color reproduction, which would be nice because color is a major hassle, I'd rather not work with it at all to be honest. The majority of the magazine is in black and white. Issue 11 will be published on September 11, 2009, and issue 12 will follow on November 6. Watch for updates and exclusive information here.


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