mandatory minimum sentencing comes to canada

Because it's worked so well in the U.S., Harper and the Liberals have introduced mandatory minimum sentencing in this country. It's hard to think of a more ineffective, and damaging government plan (and it directly contradicts public opinion since 53% of Canadians want it legalized). In the U.S., the drug war has been an utter, brutal, murderous failure and is designed to increase the budgets of cops and make lots of work for lawyers and judges. These plans have to do with filling the coffers of people in power no matter how many poor people die as a direct result of it and it makes me sick. I mean this is mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana...at a time when doctors are claiming that oxycontin is a bigger problem in Ontario than heroin. (How's that new School of Pharmacy coming along?) We all want to pretend to care about little Tori, but if you can't draw a straight line from drug prohibition to her death, you're a moron. I can't wait until these fucking boomers die.


Beast said...

Hey! I've just noticed something. Government kind of sucks.

autoeditor said...

Religion too.

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