Scanning High Society

So I'm scanning High Society. Five hundred pages, 8.5 X 11 negatives. First thing I had to do was strip them from these orange paper flats, now I've got a pile of negs. Each one has to be scanned in, then converted into a 1200dpi bitmap in photoshop. Easy, right? Not quite. First of all, each neg. has to be scanned in as a 2400 dpi grayscale. That's huge, it's like 350 megabytes per page! It takes about four minutes just to scan each page. Plus, you're scanning in negatives, not just positive line work originals like glamourpuss which would be a lot easier. These are all scratched up and foggy and have tape and other crap stuck to them, all of which the scanner picks up. I have to make that a crystal-clear black and white image that loses no detail. I spent an entire weekend just figuring out how best to scan and fix the image...but I think I've got it. Eventually, these are going to be used not only to print the phonebooks, but also will be the digital files that will be used for the Spanish, German and Italian translations.


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