if lee perry was a gunslinger, there'd be a whole lot of dead copycats

Yeah, I can't say I'm really into Andrew W.K. so his appearance at this Cutting Edge festival is not much cause for celebration, but it was pretty weird to hear that he was going to be involved with Lee Perry, the result of this absurdly unholy union is Pum Pum, below. It sure is awesome that Lee Perry even exists. As big a music fan as I might be, I really don't like Reggae...but I FUCKING LOVE Lee Scratch Perry. That Arkology set pretty much blew my mind, then I got hold of the first CD of a 2-CD compilation called Son of Thunder and that was it. The first sixteen tracks on Son of Thunder sound like they were recorded on sixteen different planets. This is revolutionary, the variety of sounds on just those sixteen tracks alone is absolutely stunning, he really is like an entire genre unto himself. I mean, the guy single-handedly reinvented the b-side! If you've got a single with a "dub" edit on the b-side, you can thank Lee Scratch Perry. By exploring what technology could be made to do in terms of distortion, backwards taping, multiple tracking, echo, looping and sampling...well, the results speak for themselves, it's not often that you get one individual making that kind of contribution to an entire artform. That's not even getting into the stuff he produced like Max Romeo's One Step Forward or I Chase the Devil, both timeless classics. Oh yeah, and that other guy he produced. Bob Something. To me, Dub is not Reggae...or rather, it's closer to what I conceive of as streetreggae from Kingston (like dancehall, which I also like) as opposed to UB40. This Andrew W.K.-produced Pum Pum is a total riot:


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