Former MI-5 Agent at UW

I don't think I'll check it out, but for the Truthers out there, don't miss Annie Machon on Sunday, May 31 at Hagey Hall. I don't have a problem with the concept of False Flag operations and all that, but 9-11 as a true Inside Job is way, way too far down the line for me. I actually read all of this debate between Taibbi and Truther-in-Chief David Ray Griffin and I think Taibbi wipes the floor with him. I think the strongest case Taibbi makes is that the Truthers don't actually have an alternate theory of the events in question. They have lots of holes and questions...so do I...but they don't sort of explain what really "did" happen. Anyway, if you only read one more piece on 9-11, check out that rather loooooong piece. It's actually worth it.


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