The end of Television

When this is what passes for reasoned discussion...i.e., both sides of the story...in public discourse, then that medium for public discourse is dead. Goodbye television.

Liz Cheney make so many assertions here that are refuted by wikipedia and google, that this is no longer an avenue of serious discourse. It's over. Just in case you're wondering why Cheney and his daughter are out there...just understand that they're fighting for their lives. Literally. They're fighting for their personal and professional reputations and, however unlikely it may seem, their freedom. They don't want to be like Nixon or Benedict Arnold or Ken Lay, where their entire career, family and reputation have been ruined by scandal, ruin, bankruptcy, shame and torture. They don't want to be like Kissinger where there are certain countries you can't go. The judge going after them is the judge who went after Pinochet. Check out The Bush Six.


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